Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24th June 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24 June 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 24th June 2022

June 24, 2022: Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Today Episode Start with Adi says I feel Priya is the answer for Ram, he simply thinks about her. Priya is at home, imploring. Vedika says we need to handle Priya. Nandini says no, we can’t dispose of her, I need to get you and Ram wedded, Shubham and I will get cash. Vedika says I can successfully get Ram. Nandini asks what’s the other choice. Vedika says Kanika, pastor’s better half.

Sandy shows Kanika’s pic to Ram. Smash inquires as to why. Sandy says serve has no dark records, he has a shortcoming. Shubham and Sandy converse with Ram. Sandy says clergyman’s better half Kanika has numerous illicit relationships, serve Sir conceals it. Smash asks what occurs with those she dumps. Sandy says cash and power. Smash says I heard he cherishes his better half and he is faithful to her, we shouldn’t involve anybody’s very own life for our utilization. She says it’s a reinforcement, he requested your personality testament, we will utilize this when we get compromised for this arrangement, this is Shubham’s thought. Slam says you are gaining some useful knowledge from her, we won’t require this, we are great. She expresses profound gratitude, we owe you, we stress for you. Nandini says I m stressed for you. Vedika says Kanika would get drawn to Ram, he will not go to her, we will utilize this thing, she wedded the pastor for an extravagant life, he is frantically infatuated with her, he realizes her reality however covers it. Nandini says Ram will get accused and pastor will break the arrangement. Vedika says Ram would have to demonstrate that he is a serious individual. Nandini expresses focused on you, he would have to wed you, your arrangement is great, however I m terrified.

Pihu says I need to go to your and your Mr. Perfect’s extraordinary spot. Priya figures what will I tell you. Maitri comes and says when your mumma was debilitated, her Mr. Perfect went to the sanctuary by strolling, we can take a quick trip and see that sanctuary today. Pihu says extraordinary thought. Priya concurs. Maitri illuminates Meera. They come to the sanctuary. Pihu asks what did he do here. Priya says Maitri doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Maitri says I know it, accompany me. Slam is likewise at the sanctuary. He thanks the pastor for welcoming them. Serve acquaints Ram with Kanika.

Vedika says I have commended Ram a great deal, she is dazzled by Ram, she enjoys him, Ram will not have any decision than wedding me. Nandini says plan is great. Priya sees Meera coming to the sanctuary and appealing to God for Priya. Meera says I realize she will not pardon me, I need to see her equitable once. Pihu asks what’s going on with we. Maitri says you proceed to give that thing to Priya. Pihu says alright, that aunt was in Sara’s commitment, who is she. Maitri says she is the first Miss Sood. Priya thinks I need to embrace you, however I can’t fail to remember what you did. Meera sees Priya and cries. Priya turns.

Meera says this is my discipline, I ought to have upheld you. Pihu comes and says I met Meera Maa. Smash considers Priya. Pihu says shock, and gives the bangles to Priya. Priya says I can’t wear it. Pihu asks her to simply wear it. Slam comes there. Shubham says it’s a decent day. Slam says OK, mother is so cheerful. Shubham says nothing ought to turn out badly. Meera takes Pihu with her. Priya supplicates. She thinks Pihu is very much like Ram, consistently keep them cheerful.


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