Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th May 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14 May 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 14th May 2022

May 14, 2022: Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Today Episode Start with Slam saying I was unable to deal with that second, sorry, I expected to remain alone. Nandini says we really wanted you, yet you let us be. Slam says sorry, you felt in this way, its my slip-up, you would have frightened. She says I was feeling that I will have only one child, assuming anything happens to you, do you comprehend, you realize what occurred with us after your father left, we had no rooftop, no cash, no vehicle, we didn’t have anything, you three youngsters, nobody to help, do you recall that, we battled alone, your experience growing up and youthful days passed in battles, you recollect. He says OK. She says you resuscitated my feelings of trepidation, how will we respond assuming that anything happens to you, you handle the business, Shubham has no insight, our future will become like our past without you. Priya says I can’t let Ram be and accompanied you. Meera says no, leave him with his loved ones.

Slam embraces her and says guide me to encourage you. Shubham says I can’t recommend anything. She says its so obvious, we know nothing about the business, property and bank balance. Shubham inquires as to for what reason are we talking so regrettable, Ram is protected, we are protected. She says life is flighty, great time elapses soon, awful opportunity arrives and grabs everything. Smash says I comprehend what you mean. She says don’t misconstrue me, I don’t have the foggiest idea, similar to you battled for Virender’s properties, might Shubham at any point battle, I need to safeguard Shubham and Shivi, I m simply a mum, how will I respond, I need to get my kids. Smash says I comprehend, I will make my will, I will figure this out. She asks are you certain. He says so grieved, I ought to have thought about this previously, on account of you, you made sense of me. She says thanks to him for understanding. He says don’t do this, leave this weight on me, your Ram is there, right, I will meet Adi and come, I will find an answer, Shubham deal with mother. He leaves. Nandini wipes her tears and grins. Priya comes first floor. Nandini requests that she take rest. Shubham says I need to say thanks to Priya, Ram returned and nothing happened to him. Priya says nothing can happen to him. Nandini says I know, you are his safeguard. Priya asks where is he, I need to talk something devil. Slam meets his companions. He requests that Adi make a will. She says I m genuine, in the event that the entrepreneur kicks the bucket, the family will be defenseless, after father passed on, I needed to assume liability on myself, I was unable to show anything great to Shubham and Shivi, what might I at any point anticipate from them, get me the unfinished version rapidly. Adi says lets make it happen. Kunal inquires as to for what reason are you suspecting as much negative. Vikrant says nothing will happen to you. Kunal says Priya won’t allow anything to happen to you.

Krish and Priya come. Krish says Ram, we want to talk. Nandini asks are you believing that I m discussing the will as of now. Shubham says no. She says we are only reliant upon Ram, today I got this opportunity. Shubham says you utilized his feelings well, you are a lawbreaker. He giggles. She says I m doing this for my kids, I could do without Priya. They drink.

Slam says Priya you’re not fine, return home. Priya says no, its devil. He says you figure I will disappear in the future, I m in my faculties, unwind. She says Santosh is lying. Smash says he isn’t lying. Adi asks how might you say. Priya says Shashi has requested that the director lie. Krish says I additionally feel something similar. Smash says request that she acknowledge reality. Priya says I know its not reality, you don’t have the foggiest idea how I got saved. Slam asks what do you mean, did anything occur, you needed to let me know something before you swooned down, tell me. She says my abducting. He gets stunned. She says a few thugs grabbed me and requested that I request that you stop the examinations, that rash on my hand was a result of that ropes and nail, that supervisor was lying, I got captured therefore. Krish says OK, she is correct. Slam asks did you had at least some idea this. Krish says OK, I met her and got to be aware. Slam says you ought to have told me. Krish says you both are my client, I will conceal it assuming you tell me. Smash says I would rather not talk, Vikrant proceed to drop Priya at Meera’s home. Priya cries.

Smash and Krish have a discussion. Smash beverages and says unwind, I don’t get high. Krish says you love Priya, you are irate on me, yet not me, you didn’t pay attention to her and sent her to her mother’s place, and you are conversing with me here, this shouldn’t occur. Slam inquires as to for what reason will I let you know anything, did you enlighten me regarding abducting. Krish says Priya told me. Smash says you had a choice to choose, figure out the individual who is doing this, I know its Shashi. Krish says Shashi’s assistant is doing this. Smash says my family is bearing a great deal. Krish says that man is smart, I think this individual is near you.

Sara says Varun detests sea shores, he didn’t go to the ocean side and lied. Priya says its fine. Sara says Varun didn’t get the prescriptions. Priya says you are overthinking, if it’s not too much trouble, unwind. Sara says perhaps he truly went to track down Ram. Priya asks what. Sara says he let me know that Ram is absent. Priya asks yet how could he know that, he wasn’t there, he didn’t let anybody know that Ram is absent. She believes is Varun fouling up. Krish says he should be from family, I have actually taken a look at the visitors there. Smash says you think Priya is awesome, however no, I realize she is off-base. Krish says I m simply attempting to make sense of that she was correct, I was contemplating whether Priya told you, then where might you be. Slam says you have close to zero insight into connections, you were not in no well established connection. Krish says I m not your relationship instructor, I will see you tomorrow. Slam stops you and says you are one-sided about me and Priya, I think you like Priya.


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