Apnapan 24th June 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Apnapan 24 June 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 24th June 2022

June 24, 2022: Apnapan Today Episode Start with Sustenance asks how did mum come. Lalita says goodness, you are so brilliant, you become analysts, fools. Pallavi requests that Badal come and gather the sacks. Scratch sees Badal and Gagan. He reviews his words. He pursues Pallavi and inquires as to for what reason didn’t you inform me concerning our twins. She says they are my kids for what reason didn’t you say regarding Manna. He says I can deal with her, you couldn’t care less about that, figure the reason why did Barkha reach me, for what reason did Barkha take off from the house. She says enough, don’t let out the slightest peep more. Badal expresses accompany us, else you will get sick. Scratch takes Manna. Gagan looks on. He leaves with Bitti. Pallavi and Badal additionally leave.

Gagan says father and Manna are carrying on with a decent life since ages. Barkha says Nani would be aware. Pallavi says we will talk after Barkha’s commitment party. Gagan asks who all are there in the party. She goes. He requests that Nani say. Nani says Manna is senior to you three, have persistence, Pallavi will let you know everything. Pallavi reviews Nick. She cries. She reviews Nick’s undertaking and their separation. She embraces Manna’s young life dress. Sustenance messages Harsh that their mum is alive, they have more kin. Scratch asks Nandini for what good reason didn’t she tell about his twins. She says you lack the capacity to deal with your kids. He says I feel regretful that we isolated the kids, you might have prevented me from taking this choice. She says give a cash to Pallavi and lets leave. Shanky says we have sent 50 lakhs to her. She asks what, this is Pallavi, she can do anything for cash, she is astounding, she was consistently after cash. Scratch signs no. She says OK, she can think well, she has been a gold digger, she realizes it well how to utilize the family members to get cash, consider it. Barkha says I m going to the parlor. Nani requests that she go. She requests that Gagan close the entryway. He asks did Barkha take off. Nani says give this sack to your father. He thinks I have taken cash from this sack. He asks what’s the need. Nani says in the event that Pallavi is familiar with cash, it will be a major issue, do nothing off-base. He says fine, I swear on you. He crosses the finger.

Individuals discuss Pallavi and Nick. Pallavi gets back home. The woman says could do without their words. The visitor gets some information about Nick. The woman says Nick is rich, for what reason is Pallavi battling. Ishaan’s mum comes to help Pallavi in the arrangements. Pallavi requests that she sit, she will get the food. Ishaan’s Bua says my companion let me know that Pallavi’s little girl was excessively tipsy, Nick was likewise there. Pallavi says Manna is Barkha’s girl. Ishaan’s Bua says OK, she was unique. Sustenance comes there and presents herself. She asks is somebody getting hitched. Pallavi says you are as yet smashed. Sustenance inquires as to for what reason are you stressed for me, I never had my mum, I thought my mum is dead, yet you are alive, I wish I never got to know this, you are an injury that can never recuperate. Sustenance says you harmed my spirit. Ishaan’s Bua interferes. Sustenance says Pallavi could do without me. Pallavi takes her along. Scratch hangs tight for Manna. Gagan returns the pack and says Barkha requested that I bring this back.


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