Like a sailor, when we dive into an anecdote, we are traveling in a new world with an anecdote that has now brought us closer to technology. When the stories of life and science stories get stories like Karl Segan, then his magnetic vibe pulls everyone away. The archaeologist George Smith took us to a world of mystery adventure by decoding the engravings on stones, walls and rocks of the Mesopotamian civilization two hundred years ago and producing podcasts of ‘The Epic of Gilgmish’.

Smith’s own story is no less thrilling. If you remember the Hollywood film ‘The Night Museum’, where all the characters kept in the museum used to live in the night. Armies, war, love, intrigues, restrictions and human colors were seen in all colors. Smith also sees many dreams while working in a museum.

But they have nothing to do with the virtual world but the real world. He wants to read a life that has not been reconstructed, in discovered texts. He gets entangled with the coffins written on the stone and also resolves them with years of hard work. And when he brings his success to a podcast with a stone tablet, the world wants to listen to him with his ear.

It can be known from Smith’s words that civilizations kept on coming, but as human beings, the stories that we have planted from the chest have not changed. Every time the story has a character like a hero, he has difficulties, romance, unintentional sentences, strange circumstances, deception, friendships and then if the story is happy then finally it is victory, peace, mind’s fun is. That is why the tins of these stories have been intact for centuries.

Psychologists also say that when you get drowned in anecdote, you are actually living the life of another. Feeling his uneasiness and happiness, you are also able to keep your spirit of peeping in many other worlds.

If you have enough ability to feel, then you get swept away with others by considering the experience of others. Which is also very important to keep in limits, otherwise it is always expected that we should ignore our reality and not accept the virtual world as real.

Psychologist Dan Johnson, who researches anecdote, says that we cannot underestimate the power of anecdote, because it brings your realization and thoughts to the world so close that we learn better ways to deal with each other by becoming fellow people. Come out only.


In the world of anecdotes, there is everything from grandparents to the moon and stars. Here, there is a lullaby to pat children, so also the beautiful and innocent world of fairies and princesses. The stories have touched the feet of the gods after coming to the world of Anjuri, while the valor of the knights of the earth has filled the thrill of fables. In the soil, Sunny Dastangoi has made dialects and languages ​​to travel around the world. This is also recorded in the books and in the present time hundreds of web bases of many ways have also started making efforts to compensate them before they go missing.

Actually, some old maps of stories may have disappeared, but the world of stories is still evergreen. For example, the Palestinian-Israeli Arab travel blogger Nas, a favorite of billions of people, not only brings happy stories of real life to the people, but he also challenges the excesses that have happened to him as being of Arab origin.

This is a very powerful way to remove the curtains of discrimination from all over the world and also to put the best examples in front of the world. The good thing is that the new age is also adding a lot to this old skill.


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