Ajooni 9th August 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Ajooni 9 August 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 9th August 2022

August 9, 2022: Ajooni Today Episode Start with Kamal lets him know that they can’t change the predetermination and leaves from that point. Then again, Rajveer’s mom requests that Ravinder not lash out. He admonishes her for not making Rajveer comprehend. Ravinder’s PA comes there and enlightens Ravinder that he gathered data regarding Ajooni’s loved ones. He says that they are working class family. He adds that he feels like they caught Rajveer for cash. Rajveer’s mom lets Ravinder know that they can meet Ajooni once. Ravinder chides her.

Rajveer comes there with firearm. Bebe requests that he return the firearm. Ravinder requests that Rajveer stop this show. Rajveer focuses firearm at Ravinder. Ravinder jokingly says that he was holding back to just see this day. Rajveer focuses weapon at himself. Everybody gets stunned seeing that. Rajveer requests that Ravinder acknowledge his marriage with Ajooni. Others argues Rajveer to drop the firearm. Rajveer says that it’s among him and his dad so others shouldn’t meddle.

Ravinder lets him know that the last’s marriage can’t occur with Ajooni regardless of anything. He says that Rajveer won’t shoot. He lets him know that he trained him to shoot. Bebe advises Ravinder to acknowledge Rajveer’s marriage with Ajooni. Ravinder acknowledges Rajveer’s marriage with Ajooni. He says that Rajveer disheartened him today and heads inside. Bebe slaps Rajveer. He requests that she favor him. She enlightens him that he don’t mind concerning her. He tells her that he has such a huge amount to do and leaves from that point.

In the interim, Neeru and Meher packs Ajooni’s baggage. Beeji lets Ajooni know that she never figured the last’s marriage will happen this way. She says that she doesn’t know if she can meet Ajooni or not after marriage. She gives their family photograph to her. She adds that she have nothing else than this. Ajooni embraces her.

Ravinder inquires as to whether she is feeling significantly improved. She lets him know that she is fine. She gets some information about marriage arrangements. He says that he can’t confront anybody on the off chance that Rajveer wedded Ajooni. Dad says that everybody will commend them since they are getting little girl regulation from working class family. Ravinder slaps him. Bebe says that PA is correct. She says that they can cause Ajooni to take part in the political decision yet the last option will run the show. She adds that she knows to deal with Ajooni.

Afterward, Ajooni and her family arrives at Rajveer’s home. Rajveer’s companion acquaints Ajooni’s family with Bebe. Bebe affronts them. She blows up seeing Ajooni. She chides her for not wearing pallu. Ajooni takes Bebe and Rajveer’s mom favors. Rajveer’s mom gives gems to Ajooni and advises her to wear it. Bebe tells Ajooni to not lose anything. She advises Ajooni’s family to stand by in their room.


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