Ajooni 8th August 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Ajooni 8 August 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 8th August 2022

August 8, 2022: Ajooni Today Episode Start with Rajveer’s dad shows the information to Bebe and says my child is in the news once more. Bebe says he is your child and in the event that he is being obstinate about something, let him make it happen. Simply be quiet, I won’t allow this to occur. Rajveer shows up there. Bebe asks how is everything turning out on for commitment? Rajveer says I have dropped the commitment. His dad embraces him and says that is correct the thing. I advised you to partake in your young life how you need it yet leave the marriage spot to us. Rajveer says I have dropped the commitment since now the wedding will be done straight. All are stunned. He requests that his dad continue to grin for Ajooni’s loved ones. His Father Ravindra slops him hard. He says this isn’t a joke, I am letting you know that young lady won’t ever turn into this house’s girl in-regulation. He leaves from that point. Rajveer lets Bebe know that this marriage will occur at any expense and from tomorrow on.

Cart lets her mother know that I had huge designs for Rajveer’s marriage however all of you obliterated the good times. Her mom says we have hardly any insight into her family, who that young lady is. Their worker Chamku says Rajveer is doing an affection marriage like a legend. Cart says in the event that Rajveer starts a precedent, I will truly do cherish marriage and find an attractive person as well. Bebe comes there and says how challenge you to talk like this? I will kill you before you do that. Quit contrasting yourself with your siblings, you are a young lady and way short of what them.

Rajveer is keeping Subhash’s family prisoner and lets him know that I need Ajooni. On the off chance that you don’t get me hitched to her then I won’t extra you. Ajooni’s mom swoons… everything ends up being Ajooni’s fantasy. She awakens and keeps an eye on her folks. She has a murmur of help seeing them rest. Ajooni says Rajveer needs to wed me? Fine, I will wed him yet that will be the beginning of his annihilation.

Scene 2
In the first part of the day, Bharat lets the family know that I have called a few hooligans to deal with Rajveer. His mom gets some information about? Bharat says I can’t be quiet. Subhash comes there and says Ajooni isn’t in her room. Where could she be? All look on.

Ajooni comes to the Gurudwarah and implores invigorate her for what she is going to do. She emerges and tracks down Rajveer there. She scowls at him and reviews her family’s aggravation. Rajveer grins and says I am fortunate that you called me here. Ajooni says I am prepared to wed you. Rajveer gets energized and says truly? He inquires as to whether she is playing a game with him once more? Ajooni says I won’t lie at this spot. Rajveer gets energized and says I can’t really accept that we are getting hitched. Ajooni says I have one condition. You have offended my family a ton so you need to apologize to them before the entire city to assist them with reclaiming their regard. Rajveer lashes out at first however at that point says I need to pay attention to you for adoration. Anything for you. Ajooni leaves from that point.

Rajveer’s family is sitting together. Ravindra says there is no wedding occurring here. Rajveer comes there with Sherwani and pot. He says I am burnt out on persuading everybody. He says I will wear this sherwani or you can break a pot at my passing. Ravindra says you will not wed that young lady. Rajveer says no difference either way. She is pretty, brilliant, and instructed. Bebe says we generally orchestrate relationships in this house. I got your dad hitched, I got your senior sibling wedded. See I tracked down great little girl in-regulation for this house. Rajveer says so you individuals can take my proposition, I very much like the young lady. You ought to go to her family and ask them officially. Ravindra says you believe I should ask to a typical expert for his little girl. I’m Ravindra Singh Bagga, I have attempted to make individuals dread me, I intend to make my child a CM yet he is out there to obliterate everything. Rajveer says all of you have thirty minutes. He leaves from that point.

Ajooni comes to the family and says there are issues happening as a result of me. We don’t have a decision so I expressed yes to him. Beeji says we have consistently tackled issues together, you shouldn’t lose trust.


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